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09-06-2012, 11:09 PM
I'll apologize if some of these seem harsh or rude, but I really would like to understand the current mentality towards the Klingon side of this game.

How do you expect the Klingon population to grow when you give players more and more incentives to play on the Federation side?

From having a completed storyline, that allows player to begin only as a Fed, more PvE missions, and ever increasing C-store items, seems like one side almost has it all.

Will we ever see another exclusive Klingon c-store ship?

I know comments have been made about the economic viability to do so.

Why not improve PvP and tap into the faction vs faction gameplay style that could attract a new market of players to this game?

This seems like a huge unexploited resource in this game, pvp right now offers little to no rewards.

Do you believe the game can continue to move forward by only releasing cross factional endgame PvE grind style missions?

Between the STF's and the fleet missions, seems like we have plenty to choose from, maybe I'm wrong and people want more missions and rewards to grind. The other problem I see, is that this offers no difference in end game play style between the two factions, which seems like less of an incentive to play another faction. So, maybe I should ask will we see more end game missions which are faction exclusive?

Is this game viable without the Klingon playerbase?

I ask this as a serious question to understand exactly where Klingons stand. If the answer is no, then I have to ask why do you conitnue to ignore us?

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