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Last night I was on probe patrol and my normal tactic didnt work

Normally I Kill the probes within seconds of them showing up, then hit an engine bat and zoom to the generators to assist my team...
Then when the next wave of probes show up I use evasive to get back to them...repeat process till WIN.

But last night the damn probes were coming through as fast as I could kill them.
I spent the entire match sat in front of the gate firing on probes, as soon as I killed 3 another batch arrived.
The guy on the right gate said the same was happening to him.
Is this a stealth tweak to make it harder or just a random bug with the spawn timer?

Also I played a fleet defence and the klingon rapters were shrugging off my attacks like never before. They have always been a tough enemy but they were slamming me with heavy hits whilst ignoring most of my dmg.

TAC captain in a HEC with 2 AP DHC MK XII, 2 Photon Torps MK XII, 3 AP Turrets MK XII.