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# 11 Since the Feds have theirs...
09-07-2012, 04:29 AM
Something which bugged me when I noticed it was missing was the Voodieh class cruiser from the Anti-time future in TNG All Good Things. The IKC Chang and IKC Fek'lhr fought the Pasteur and Future Enterprise.
The Pasteur got made (Olympic class)
The future Enterprise got made (Dreadnought cruiser/Galaxy X)
No love for the KDF on this? It's a nastier, possibly bigger, cousin to the Negh'Var so I was surprised not to see it at tier 5, or even as a Z-store purchase like the Galaxy X.
Is there any chance of seeing this in game in Season 7 (or sooner)? I understand the bigger need for more ships KDF-side in general but this ship has actual canon support and would, I think, create a true dreadnought for our side.
Thanks for reading.