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Well, since the odds of my getting a Recluse have dropped like a brick as of today, I'm going to again ask/beg/plead for anyone to help me get one. Tell you one thing, the char I make for said Recluse will go straight into your fleet and help out as best I can, guarenteed.
Stockpile Lockboxes and just keep opening them after the time runs out and they stop dropping. It'll probably be a while before they redo the LOBI store again.

If you want to go the buy-it-off-the-exchange-route, either save EC up or gamble by opening the Tholian boxes. They've got a comparatively decent chance of getting a Tholian Orb Weaver - I've gotten about 4 of them so far over the course of the event (by using spare EC to buy keys on the exchange, not by buying them with Zen) and my luck with lockbox ships traditionally stinks.

If you want to go the Lobi route, I'd say open the older Cardassian/Ferengi boxes. They were much stingier with the ship drops, but had a fairly good chance to drop rewards of 20 or 100 Lobi. Before the Tholian boxes came on the scene, each of my main characters already had several hundred Lobi cluttering up their inventories from opening Cardy and Ferengi boxes (with just one D'Kora earned, and no Galors!).

[Edit] I've a Recluse sitting in my Account Bank, waiting for one of my Science toons to get high enough to use it. Tac or Sci are probably your best bets. Tac for raw Damage, Sci for anything else. But I'd lean towards a Tac Universal BOFF for Attack Pattern Beta 3 (Yay for extra fighter damage! ) [/EDIT]

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