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09-07-2012, 06:55 AM
Hi everyone! I just wanted to write today and throw in some brief updates about our plot lines!

1) Starbase Praetorian Status - After fending off multiple KDF attacks, the base has received a new Flag Officer to oversee the development of the base. RADL Jennifer N. Hunter has made an impression among the officers and crew of the 26th Fleet and Praetorian, and has set a new mandate for the small station - reestablish contact with Federation colonies and other allies along the Neutral Zone!

2) Nanite Weapon - Hundreds of members of the 26th remain quarantined as the result of a bio-technical weapon that was used against several ships in a recent battle. While it might have appeared as though the weapon was of Klingon design, investigation by Dr. Nya Savrok and a team of Vulcan researchers has revealed it is anything but Klingon in design. A treatment process is nearing completion, but will it be too risky to implement?

3) The Ebon Wing Syndicate - Ensigns Gray and to-Vensre went undercover to Drozana Station to investigate the origins of the nanite weapon, and discovered agents of a shadowy organization were very protective of their secrets. Captain Norman was on hand to help provide a hasty exit from Drozana and expose a surveillance threat against Praetorian station!

4) The Viper Project - Having taken the Viper prototype to the Saturn Test Range, Lt. Praka misses her comrades back at the station. She knows a lot is riding on her ability to take the Viper heavy fighter prototype through its trials, and she won't let Shadowalker or Chief Scott down!

These are just some of the plots we're running in the 26th Fleet! We have several really cool avenues for you to join the fun:

Starbase Praetorian - Do you like crew RP that reminds you of Deep Space Nine? You might want to consider joining us as a crew member on this vital, Starfleet starbase!

Task Force Avalon - Calling all intrepid Captains and their crews! If you like Captain-style RP, consider joining TFA. This group within the 26th Fleet family is ideal for characters who's RP story is all about commanding their own ship. We have exciting RP missions for you to play, and there's always a reason to stop by Starbase Praetorian for a visit with the station crew!

42nd Tactical Fighter Wing - When you need to blow stuff up, suit up and launch all fighters! The story behind the 42nd basically revolves around protecting Starbase Praetorian and getting into incredible battles and incredible trouble as a group of rough and tumble, ace fighter pilots!

As you can see, we support several different types of RP flavors in the 26th. Interested in learning more? Let us know! We can invite you over to our starbase for an IC or OOC chat, and we'd love to share more about what we do.

All the best!

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