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Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
I've decided my KDF character needs some C-store love and decided to buy a B'rel retrofit. I've been flying the default t5 BoP, as well as a mirror Vor'cha and had some interesting experience in pvp and pve- but I'm not sure how much of that will apply to the B'rel with its lower hull and superior battle cloak.

One thing I've seen pop up recently (ingame, if not in threads) are several B'rel retrofit builds utilizing transphasics that I can attest are very effective and look very fun to play.

Unfortunately, short of hanging around kerrat for hours on end attempting to backengineer the builds, the only other real option I have is to ask here- so I'm asking here.

What boff skills, weapons, and console layouts work best for a transphasic BoP.

What I've seen so far are at least two different variants.

The first variant is what I call the 'strafing' variant, because it strafes. It fires torp spread 3 in transphasics (no idea if they're rapid reload or XII accx3 transphasics), a breen transphasic cluster torp, a dual phaser beam bank, and... not sure if it mounts a forward DHC or a second dual phaser beam bank.

On the rear, it mounts a second breen cluster torpedo- and possibly a second rapid reload or XII accx3 transphasic- I'm not altogether sure.

Boff abilities I've seen this variant use are:

Hazard Team (probably 1)
Viral Matrix (not sure if 1 or 3, but probably 1)
Polarize Hull, Tactical Team, Torp Spread 3, possibly cannon rapid fire, but not sure.

The second variant is the 'submarine' variant, and doesn't drop out of cloak if at all possible. It's more annoying to fight unless you've got anti-cloak tech but conversely lacks the kit to drop you in a single pass.

It mounts a forward breen cluster torpedo, a forward transphasic launcher, 2 forward dual cannons (fairly certain not heavies), and on the back it mounts a turret and a tranphasic mine launcher. Uses Dispersal Pattern Beta 3, and runs a selection of scramble sensors, jam sensors, and that sort of thing, so at least one sci boff, if not two, depending on layout.

Of these, the submarine variant is the more annoying to fight- a crapload of mines will pop up behind you and generally do only a bit of damage, and serve as a distraction while the submarine drops its alpha on you- but the submarine doesn't seem to run polarize hull, attack pattern omega, or even aux to dampers- if you get it in a tractor beam, graviton pulse, or other disable, it'll freeze up and be easy pickings. I would assume this is in part due to how the captain running it is specced, but it also says something about what consoles are in use.

I've never seen the submarine variant use any special consoles- no leech, no jumper- not even a very useful theta radiation.

Conversely, the strafing variant uses theta and also drops the cover shield to escape (although if you're poor, you could raise EC and buy a photonic displacer off the exchange for 7 mill, which accomplishes roughly the same thing).

So that's what I know. If anyone is running one of these and would care to share, or has any suggestions for building one, I'd love to hear from you. Of particular interest are skill choices, as my KDF captain is in desperate need of a respec at this point and I'd like to know what to put points into in what order before I go do it.
I guess first we will assume that you have a tactical captain. Not to determine where to put points, but to determine if you're wasting your time or not. You need Alpha.

Put your points in the skills that you will use. Up to 6. If you need to use more points to advance a rank, do so. Avoid skills that you will not use. Flow capacitors and Driver Coil would be good examples of things you will not use. Attack Patterns and Stealth would be examples of things you will use.

You'll never see an energy weapon on your ship. So avoid those skills.

The highest torpedo skill is Lt Cmdr. Using that as your Tactical Stations seems like a good idea. But it may not. You may want the Commander station so that you can get the Dispersal Beta 3 also. I guess it will depend on your choice of tactics.

If you reserve at LEAST a Lt Cmdr Station for Science, you can use yummy attacks like Gravity Well or Viral Matrix.

KHG 2 piece and Borg 2 piece is nice. It's nice because it can keep you from being hit for those brief moments you are exposed. If not, start out with Breen for the extra Transphasic damage.

Use consoles and skills that will support your chosen attacks. You don't need shield gens. You will need armor.

Cheers happy flying!

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