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Originally Posted by outooffocus View Post
uhm , i never seen anything called a VA token..., don't think i plaid the game that long , have a in game mail from my wife dating 3/27/2011
but that does not explain why all the other ones are not unlocked either , even though i still fly them
You got the token when quinn promoted you to VA and you then went down to the shipyard and got a tier V ship. You don't ever "see" the token, just like you never see a retrain token sitting in your inventory. Quinn just tells you to go see LT Laurel and she lets you buy a ship.

When f2p launched, the free VA ships went away and only the tons who had reached VA and unlocked that ship (on that toon) had the ship.

I'm not saying that you didn't spend money or unlock c-store ships in all cases. I am just saying that the tactical escort you mentioned was a free ship available to any player who reached VA rank before F2P launched (as a per character unlock).

Odds are you claimed this as a VA on one of your toons as a free ship for making VA and didn't buy it in the C-store, which would explain why one toon has it, and the others can't claim it.