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# 11 Vorcha Retro Basics.
09-07-2012, 08:33 AM
The Vorcha is perhaps one of the most iconic ships in the game. Virtually everyone that has seen The next generation, DS9 or Voyager knows what this ship is. What it's ideally made for and just how frankly bad *** it looks. It's the true flagship in my opinion of the klingon battle line. (Not that fat, ugly and borderline useless bortas)

While it's in game version is in my opinion in need of a little love to live up to expectations it can still be a very potent cruiser for throwing it down. (and by throwing it down, I mean a crap ton of damage in short order) It needs however great piloting to do so as cryptic in their infinite wisdom gave this ship an Assault Cruisers Inertia.... (which sucks... and makes no sense it has less hps than an AC. Not only this, but it's made to mount Cannons, canonically, and furthermore not only this Klinks have been repeatedly described as having far more advanced impulse drives than the feds) The ship will have great turning, once you get it up to speed. However the problem is, the Inertia score of 30 means eventually you, or it is going to screw up your slide, and stall out with your business end pointed the wrong way and that little damn escort who's at like 10 percent is going to get away. No I'm not bitter at all...

So why not just strap beams on it and clone the Assault Cruiser builds? Well sure... you can do that. Hell you could also, strap Dual Beam banks up front (X4 which is actually a pretty potent build for this thing and I do recommend trying it at least once with 4x turrets out back or perhaps 3 turrets and a spam dropper.. I mean mine launcher) to mitigate it and still keep true to the ships fearsome reputation for being a murderer.

But we all know what you came here to this post for first and foremost. You came because you wanted Big Damn Cannons, and maybe a Big Damn Torpedo to shove through someone's bow, and out their aft sections.

The first question is, is this a viable setup on a Team? The answer is yes and no. If you are a Tac? To quote one of star treks iconic captains/bridge officers? Anything else? You might want to go Assault Cruiser clone, or try the four dbbs. You just don't have the tac captain powers to throw it down with. The Spec

The Tac Vorcha is meant to lead the attack. It comes in first, second or third on decloak to take the hate that your bop buddies will inevitably end up taking, throw down big damn cannon fire, maybe a torp strike. the bop that comes riding in behind you finishes the job, (and as you throw out Warp Plasma, hose the target, and then his friends. Firing all the way through the battle line as you go till you've completed your circle around). The reason decloaking second or third is mentioned is, a smart fed team will wait for the bops and not even waste time on you after the first couple of passes. That being said? There's alot of Stupid in the ques. so just keep that decloak order in mind incase you run across the smart ones. The unfortunate downside to this ship loadout is it can be very light on the healing in order to function correctly. (Zone control and Cannon DPS combination on this ship tends to eat up alot of engi spots)

Here is a nice vorcha sample.
This is the first build set I'm covering for the Vorcha as it's not just the most iconic, it's also the ones that make feds scream "OP OP OP" about klink cruisers without realizing just how much you have to sacrifice to get this thing to run well.

Power Settings, 90 Weapons, 60 Shields, 25 engines 25 aux. Or 90 weapons, 25 shields, 60 Engines, 25 Aux.
Or if you can't get weapon performance ranked, 100 Weapons, 50 shields. with 100 weapons 50 engines as the tertiary.

Weapons? Anti Proton DHCs with CrtDX2 dmg X3 or X4. 4 Anti proton turrets. Or Tetryon, or Phasers. Tet and Phasers, go for AccX2 CrtH or Acc CrtHX2s. If you are going 3 DHCs, run a CrtDX2 CrtH Quantum or photon.

Shields, Resilient Cap3s, Omega shield, or KHG Shield.
Deflector, Borg, Omega
Engine KHG, or Borg

Consoles, SIF Generator 2, or 2 Armors (4 energy type), 2 RCS
Field Generator, Borg
3 Energy Consoles.
Devices, Subspace field modulator, Engine Battery, Aux Battery. Alternate, Subspace field mod... change for shield battery or team shield battery.

Cmdr, EPTS1, Aux To Dampeners1, DEM2/ExtendShields2/EPTS3, Eject Warp Plasma 3. The reason there are so many alternate choices listed there? It allows for flexibility in the klink attack group. Sometimes you just need the extra murder power of DEM2, sometimes you are going to need to help your bop buddies with a massive shield resist, and sometimes you just want that extra shield resistance and power cause it is going all according to plan.
Lt Cmdr, EPTA1/EPTE1, Reverse Shield Polarity/Aux To Dampeners, ET3

Lt Tac, Torpedo Spread1, Cannon Rapid Fire
Ens Tac, Tac Team/ Torpedo High Yield. If Four Cannon, Tac Team, Cannon Rapid Fire, Tac Team.

Alt, Bo1, Cannon Rapid Fire
Tac Team

Lt Sci, Transfer Shield strength1, Transfer shield strength 2
Alternate: HE1, TSS2

Another version of this build with a much stronger broadside and more healy friendly version, utilizes 3 to 4 Single Cannons up front instead of the big cannons. Unfortunately however you'll never see 10K+ crits from your Guns alone.

This changes your bridge officer layout.
Cmdr, EPTS1, Extend Shields1, EPTS3, Eject Warp Plasma3
Lt Cmdr ET1, Aux to structural 1/Aux to damp, ET3
Tac, Tac Team, CRF
Tac Team, or Torpedo Spread.
Lt Sci TSS1 and 2.

The Vorcha also can run pretty much any assault cruiser build, just with the added bonus of being able to roll with DBBs upfront, with turrets out back for more forward bite, or to just straight up copy an AC.

Doffs: 2 purple Maint Engineers, 2 Shield Distribution doffs, 1 Matter Anti matter specialist if using warp plas.

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