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# 13 Q Special Oddy.
09-07-2012, 07:34 AM
I like the Oddy's boff slots as a heal boat. Or as a healer controller. In my opinion it's out right replaced the Starcruiser for those that have the Oddy.
There's alot of massive shield healing this thing can do, or potentially fairly equal hull healing to the starcruiser (with a nice balance of shield healing) while putting out some zone control.

Praxis (MvS5191) has a good solid Oddy. I think I'd do this instead though
Lt Tac: TacTeam 1, FAW 2
Cmdr Eng*: EPtS 1, EngTeam 2, Extend 2, Aux to SIF 3
LtC Sci: Hazard1, Transfer Shields strength2, Photonic Shockwave or Charged Particle Burst2.
Lt Sci: Hazard 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Ens Sci: SciTeam 1

and run an aux and weapon power split setup power level wise. This gives the team an extra psw/CPB (and as the ship is well slow it can't really utilize the 90 degree skills and tbr can be tricky at times with it)

I really do recommend some kind of control power in the lt, or lt cmdr sci slot though, this thing is such a beast on healing.
The only reason I didn't cover the Oddy, was not everyone is going to have one or have access to one.