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# 19 The Karfi.
09-07-2012, 07:38 AM
A brief word on my favorite or least hated carrier.
This is a Tactical or Sci Officer's ship. The LT Cmdr slot compliments those two classes nicely. For Tacs this gives you access to BO3, 2 and say... Tac Team. For Sci this gives you, Tac Team, FAW1 and 2.

The Karfi, is a damage focused carrier in my book. It's not the best healer by any means, and it's kind of squishy. However you do have options to get some decent longevity out of this thing and I'll go over them as completely as I can.

We are going to cover the Tac Karfi first.
Weapons, The Karfi is just a hair too slow to go with a Dual Beam bank setup, so I recommend the usual standard 6 beam arrays, with one mine launcher in the aft. That mine launcher should of course be spitting out chronitons. Preferred Properties, AccX2 CrtH and or AccX3

Deflector, Borg
Engine, Borg
Shield, KHG, or Borg.

Power Settings, 100 to Weapons, 50 to Shields, 25 to everything else.
Alternate #1, 100 to weapons, 30 to shields, 25 engines, 35 Aux.
Alt #2, 50 Weapons, 25 shields, 25 engine, 100 aux
alt #3, 25 weapons, 100 shields, 25 engines, 50 aux

Devices, Shield Battery, Aux Battery, Subspace Field Modulator.
Cmdr slot,
Viral Matrix 3, this skill provides a 10 second shut down to multiple subsystems and is one of the few good sci powers left in the game. Transfer Shield Strength 3, Hazard Emitters 2, Tractor Beam
Lt Cmdr, Tac Team, Beam Overload 2, Beam Overload 3.
Lt Tac, Tac Team 1, Dispersal pattern Alpha 1 why alpha and not beta? More mine clusters, means they will seek 2 targets to crap on instead of one.
Ens Sci, Polarize Hull 1 you need this.. both as a hull resist, and as a way to break tractors.
Lt Engineer, Emergency Power to Shields 1 and 2.

Hangars, for full on **** Move status, go with the double siphon pods. You'll be the life of every party. If you want to just go for raw murderous potential Advanced Skulls. They give you free torp strikes vs nekkid hull and as a tac you'll get plenty of those opps with BO2 and 3 slamming home every chance you get.

This layout is fairly standardized and capable of giving good non aux dependent shut downs, and decent shield tanking potential, with a nice hull heal thrown in to ice the cake.

Abit more of a risky but possibly higher payoff version of this ship before I move to the sci.
Cmdr, Photonic Shockwave 3, or Tractor Beam Repulsors 3. Why? with full tac buffs applying to these powers you can be absolutely Murderous. Can we say routine 22k strikes with PSW3 vs a non shield facing target? Or a stream of 10 -20k crits from TBR3 when TBR3 starts rolling crits? Both are also good for disrupting healing cycles as PSW knocks off extend shields, and TBR can potentially push either your target, or the healer out of reach... so you and your bop buddies can get all rapey, if you cooridinate and learn to aim your TBR3s.
If running PSW3, TBR2.. while TBR2s damage isn't as substantial as TBR3s, it's still good for pushin and spam clearing, Transfer Shield Strength 2, and Hazard one fill out the sci slots here. The rest of the boffs are unchanged.

Sci, Karfis, are more healing and control focused than their murderous tac counter parts. Here's the sci karfi I've found works best.

Weapons, 6 beams, and 1 chroniton torp launcher
Deflector Engines and Shield see above.

Power settings same as the tac

Cmdr, Viral Matrix 3, Photonic Officer 3, or PSW3, Sci Team 3, Transfer Shield Strength 2, Hazard 1
Lt Cmdr, Tac Team, FAW2, FAW3 (that's Fire At will for those of you that don't know that yet)
Lt Tac, Torp Spread 1 and 2. Alt loadout, Torpspread1, Attack Pattern Beta1/Delta1
Lt Eng, EPTS1 and 2
Ens Sci, Tractor beam.

Hangars, Siphon Pods or Frigates.

Doffs, the Sci Team cool down reduction doffs. Get your ST3s as close to global as possible, Brace For Impact (shield distribution) doffs, and then a Warp Core Engineer.

The Sci Karfi is more reliant on debuffs, as by nature sci captains lack the necessary burst buffing powers to make the relatively few tac slots worth it. (as again the Karfi is just a hair too slow for Cannon and DBB use.) It can also provide abit more healing to it's team mates as the sci captain has access to dampening field -and- sci fleet to help keep himself alive during focus periods, as well as team mates. (these also buff your pets by the way) As a controller a Sci Karfi is absolutely obnoxious to play against when handled well. Hair pulling Obnoxious and to make it worse, it can often full heal it's allies shields making the small inroads against their enemies for nothing.

Consoles I saved to the end as they are identical for both ships.
1 Ablative armor, 1 Borg
3 Field Generators, and 1 particle generator, or 3 Particle Generators 1 Field generator
3 Energy Consoles.