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# 20 The Voquv. Fat Ship 101.
09-07-2012, 07:39 AM
The Voquv, or my least favorite carrier. Why? It's fat. I can't help it, it's fat. Fat and Slow, however it's still quite potent.

This is an Engineer's ship, and only an engineer's tacs get nothing in terms of benefits for flying this, and it's far too slow for scis to use. Even with aux to damp.

As such it should be focusing on it's healing prowess and spam potential. I like these as shield healers doff wise, as it can either make your already retarded shield tanking even more so, or make someone elses tanking retarded.

Power Levels : 90 Weapons 60 Shields, 25 engine, 25 aux.
#2, 25 Weapons, 60 Shields, 25 engines, 90 Aux. With EPTS 3 up you'll only be 4 under the cap.

Weapons, 5 Beams, 1 Chroniton mine launcher.
Deflector, Borg
Engine Borg
Shield, Omega, or KHG. Just trust me, 4 friggin field generators + Omega shields is retarded. Even on a ship that has jack and crap for a defense score. Especially with an engineer's host of self heals, let alone the extra shenanigans I listed for boffs.

2 SIF Generators, 1x Ablative or Neutronium
4 Field Generators
1 Borg, 1 Energy.

Cmdr Sci: TBR3, PSW3, or Photonic Officer 3, Sci Team 3, Transfer shield Strength 2, Hazard Emitters 1
Lt Cmdr Eng, EPTS3, ASIF1, EPTS1 Alternate : EPTS3, Extend Shields 1, EPTS1 if you have the alternate doff arrangement listed below, EPTA1, Extend 1/ASIF1, EPTS3
LT Cmdr Tac Tac Team, FAW2, Attack Pattern Beta 2 or FAW3
Lt Science, Transfer Shield Strength 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Doffs, Development Lab Scientists preferably 2 purples, 2 Shield Distribution officers, (2 blue or better), Hazard System Officer.
Alternate Doffs, 2 purple Dev Lap scientists, 2 Damage Control doffs. (purple), 1x Shield Distribution

Hangars: Siphon drones, 2, 2 tachyon drones. 2 of the hull repair drones, or 2 bop hangars.