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The Basics Introduction. Skill Specs. Set Items theory. Consoles Ability Tray Loadout The Effects of Weapon Power. Skill Point Allocation perks. ACT, a combat log parser of awesome sauce.

Boff Skill Theory

Tactical Theory Posts Klink Old School Tac Doctrine.

Ship Builds
Vintage Ships collection DPS Hybrid and Hybrid Controller. Healer Controller. Old AC
Eng captains. Starcruiser Nayukan Fleet Starcruiser My Mirrorverse Starcruiser (Its an AC with star cruiser boffs and consoles) The Pug Healer. Mirror Starcruiser. Engies and sci. The Mirrorstar. Mainline healer, and secondary cc. Negvar Intro Pyrokinetic Negvar. / Trans Negvar. Tac sci or Eng captains.

Damage Dealers Excelsiors 101 Drunk Excelsior Drunk's Excelsior, the Aux to Batt Ferrari priced version. TacXelsior the Aux To Batt Crank Monster. Vorcha Retrofit the basics. Unknown poster. Vorcha R Another Unknown Poster Vorcha R Drunk Vorcha Drunk Assortment Ktinga and Vorcha Rs. Drunk "final variant" Drunks Vorcha R/Ktinga. the Aux to batt Ferrari priced version. Rudiefix Ktinga. Tac or Sci.

Fleet Ships Damage Dealers Modified Roach Bortas Beary666sto fleet vorcha prototype. Fleet Vorcha Prototype. Drunks retool Fleet Vorcha Drunks newest Fleet Vorcha My version of the Fleet Vorcha p2wsucks Fleet Vorcha Drunks prototype fleet vorcha.

Oddy healers and CC Oddys. Q Special Oddy Cstore Oddy More Oddy Drunks oddy

Sole Gal R that will ever be in this thread. Infact I'm 2 seconds from deleting it sorry drunk Drunk Galaxy R

Carriers The Karfi
Tacs and Sci captains. Voquv. Fat ship. Eng and Sci. Atrox Carrier. Eng and Sci Recluse Super Healer. Eng and Sci Captains. Heal Spam Recluse. Sci and Eng Captains. No CC at all.

Veteran Ship DrunksBaseline. (stats of the ship included)

Dkora Rudiefix Dkora Unknown Poster Dkora Build

Fleet Ships. healers and CC Fleet Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser. Drunks Heavy Cruiser

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