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09-07-2012, 08:47 AM
BUGS!!...KDF has way more bugs than the Fed side from what I've seen. A good example of one is when you are cloaked and a NPC and or any click-able window comes up and you click it or collect an item your ship will de-cloak.

Also if you are cloaked and you warp out of a map shouldn't your ship remain cloaked??...

I have bought half of the Fed side costumes with the costume slots and for the KDF side i have bought the ONLY costume there is on the c-store and have LOTS of empty costume slots that i would love to fill with NEW KDF costumes. I understand that for the KDF it's harder to make them, but if you guys make the effort people like me WILL BUY them (costumes for the Klingons, Gorn, etc. etc.) and give more toon creation parts like different hair, ridges, facial hair styles for the TOS, TNG, etc. a good example of this is the Gloves Klingon use. They don't use the same gloves the Feds are just a few examples.

Give people the chance to START a KDF at Level in the world are you going to possibly make another faction i.e. Romulan if you haven't even finished and refined the KDF...
If you finish it (KDF) people will come n' buy...

Give the other races on the KDF side more ships like the Lethean's need more than just the carrier, the Gorn also need more ships as well the same goes for the other races.

Give the KDF MORE melee weapon packs in game or C-Store
some of these weapons may or may not be cannon but it's an idea booster...

and of course the pain sticks:

The UI needs to be more Klingon like..for example:

Sorry i know these are NOT questions but more like constructive feed back, at this point I'm done asking when? and why?...but here are some examples that barely scratch the surface. There's a LOT of work to do on the KDF and I'm not talking about "End Game" content but just content period.

I know that Star Trek's main focus is on the Federation but this is a MMO with 2 playable factions. Give the KDF the attention to detail that it deserves.

thank you for your time.
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