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Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post
This is a great opportunity for us to provide direct feedback to our developers. Please take advantage of this event.

To victory!


1- Klingon faction has been devoid of costume visuals in ground forever. When will this be taken care of?

-- In a similar note, can we PLEASE have the option to remove the visuals on the mk 12 ground weapons? Seriously, a nice, sleek looking rifle or pistol with a FUGLY protuberance made from holographic/glowy crapola.. c'mon man this is star trek not teletubbies on acid.

2- Ship options for KDF: I am one of those that believes KDF has a much better ship variety and uniqueness than the Federation. I do however wonder why the Federation receives all the new ship releases whereas KDF is left with ships a year+ old.

The HoHsus and BortasQ are really our 'new' ships for more than a year.

So my question is: Will there be at least an effort to release a KDF ship along with a Federation ship from now on?

3- PVP : This is a Klingon's greatest desire. Will Cryptic allow players to submit ideas on how to implement PVP and make a serious effort to introduce PVP as a gameplay option?

4- My pet peeve: Carrier issues. There are two.

A- (Visual cosmetic): Zoom level on the VoQuv carrier. I know the ship is very big but even on my 29" screen running 1920 resolution the ship still blocks half the screen.

Please allow these large ships to zoom the camera out some more. Heck allow a free zoom amount... it not only helps everyone but for those of us who like to make videos of the game an unlimited zoom-out would be SUCH a good tool!

B- Pet AI issues: Borticus probably rolled his eyes when reading this.

Pet AI has been severely broken for a long time and currently it only works because a haphazard band-aid-on-gaping-chest-wound fix made it 'mostly functional'.

It has been a chronic issue with pet AI that the developers do not listen to the player feedback and end up making it worse every time.

Can we please have a serious effort to resolve the pet AI issue? One where developers interact with the players on tribble/forums and crunch the problems out?

Seriously guys, you HAD fixed the pet AI. It was beautiful..orgasmic... and then you borked them while adding a silly cosmetic 'formation flying' routine.

Finally, THE most critical problem I have with KDF:

7- Color blind issue- KDF red interface is horrible to navigate for color blind players. When its red on black space background its not a problem but when the ship flies in green-background or green fx all around the interface simply VANISHES. Blurs out view.

I know for a fact that it is possible for KDF to use the federation interface because a bug had KDF using Fed interface in PVP maps for a long time.

Can we PLEASE at LEAST have the option to switch to Fed interface.. or add a color palette slider for the interface so we can choose the colors?

(note: color blindness is not just red/green. Others may be yellow/ a color palette choice ..even if it only changes the color of what is currently red in kdf interface... will be an amazing fix).

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