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Originally Posted by kamiyama317 View Post
They don't need to bring the plasmonic leech Fed side. They just need to make more consoles with passive bonuses.

Passive consoles are always better than the activated ones. Cryptic seems absolutely terrified of making an activatable console that has an actually useful ability. I bet as soon as one comes up for review in one of their board meetings, some member of their management staff jumps up, and screams "NERF IT!!!"

Even the Tholian Web, the latest activatable console, does terrible damage even with 200 points in particle generators. You can't kill even one frigate with it, and it has a 3 minute cooldown.

So just request more passive ones. Any passive console we get will be better than like 95% of the others.
The PL is not a strict passive bonus though. It only works when firing upon an opponent, has to build up stacks to gain the maximum effect it can give and if you stop or stutter in the firing process it drops stacks thus reducing its effectivness or if you stop too long-starts over on the building stacks process again.
Its not as constant as many believe and like Sensor analysis it must be maintained and built up to function fully.
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