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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
The PL is not a strict passive bonus though. It only works when firing upon an opponent, has to build up stacks to gain the maximum effect it can give and if you stop or stutter in the firing process it drops stacks thus reducing its effectivness or if you stop too long-starts over on the building stacks process again.
Its not as constant as many believe and like Sensor analysis it must be maintained and built up to function fully.
Well yeah you have to shoot people tor receive the bonus - but you still don't have to click a button to turn the console on.

In my opinion the Plasmonic Leech, Rule 62, and Assimilated Console are the best ones in the game. They each are more useful than any of the activated ones. If they follow this same pattern, any new passive console they give us will be more useful than an activatable one.