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09-07-2012, 09:29 AM
I run a very successful and very powerful torpedo B'rel.

I will tell you this: Unless you respec your captain to fly the b'rel (or Bops in general) as torpedo boat you wont get anything out of this ship that you do not get with the Heghta BoP.

The HeghTa has the exact same boff stations and consoles. The only difference is the skin and the battle cloak.

B'rel *IS* a torpedo ship. Putting a single energy weapon turns it into a ridiculously overpriced HeghTa.

If you are a science captain and want to run it as a science ship then you again, need to respec into a torpedo template and fully focus on the sci abilities you will use on the ship.

The B'rel functions around its special cloak. You need to decide what to use in the 3 second window you have of being visible.

Once you get that set, its a monster ship.. and darn fun too.