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09-07-2012, 09:47 AM
The Mirror Star Cruiser looks like a Sovereign if you don't want to rock the shovel look, and are pretty cheap on the exchange (though, they'll go up in price soon with the lockbox that they spawn from coming to an end -- probably a non-issue if you're considering the Galor).

For pure tanking, the Odyssey is pretty much where it's at with it's large hull and 1.1 shield mod. Go with the Science version for the extra Sci console for another shield console if going pure tank.

Since you're considering the Galor and Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, I'm taking that you want a bit more punch than a pure tank build. If the Galor is on the table as an option, I'd recommend the D'Kora instead as it can mount DHCs and still tank decently. I'd go with a Assualt Cruiser Refit (Regent) over the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (Excelsior) personally, since it has 5 more weapon power and has a ensign Tac instead of ensign Eng for a little bit more Tactical abilities. That and the Excel looks out-of-place with other end-game ships (23rd century versus 24th or 25th).