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09-07-2012, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
You forgot about the original point defense console, but that was a preorder bonus that is no longer available and was available to both factions from the start. It's totally passive, enhances general damage if you get inside 5k and knocks down a torp every 15 seconds, also it is 100% accurate.

You know I have that item and I would not mind seeing it get tossed into a lock box all that much...
i said one hundred times its not the same with leech console.

Ye i dont mind if they share any other console cause there will be no CANCELLING effect

But leech console will be cancelling its leech effect while feds will keep on getting +10 energy from maco shields giving them a obvious advantage.


Share any other console except plasma leech

Anyway i am out of the game until new lockboxes hit live and see what consoles are shared between faction.

If plasma leech remain unique on KDF side as it was initially was and as it is supposed to be then i might come back into game and keep on wasting time and money.

If not then i will use all my power to warn ppl about this policy this company follows and make sure i stay away from ur games for life.