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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
The probelm is, you are oversimplifying the issue. Whenever a Contact pops onto your screen which contains a button to click, this action causes the cloak power to turn off. If a content designer wants that NOT to happen, then they need to use a mini-contact that slides in with no button, and then it won't decloak your ship. So the fact is the behavior is working as designed in the editor, but designers could be doing a better job to communicate in the mission if there is a concern about decloaking. Without an understanding of the editor, this might not make sense, but that is why I'm urging that if you find a mission where you feel a contact can communicate via mini-contact instead of a full contact with a button, then send that in as a suggestion if you think that cloak is critical to that mission's gameplay. You can either submit a ticket, or post in this thread.
But WHY is it built this way? What is the fundamental reason?

If you want examples of groanable moments in cloak fail: pretty much any cluster mission that involves initial combat. I will warp in, get a ping from some one who needs help because of raiders, boom raiders appear. I clean them up, go to cloak. DING! Admiral So-n-so calls to tell you it's cool to engage the Alien raiders X, but that drops your cloak.

Same thing happens before you face the "final" Alien raider X in that same mission. You just finish off the 4 or 5 group and go to cloak- PING! Captain BadFace calls to tell you, you are toast... as your cloak is dropping.

I'm pretty sure cloaks didn't need to go down to send communications in the movies or shows.

Interacting with an object makes sense, but are you saying that the issue is that interactable objects/scans and communications are treated the same way? If so, can't one be flagged differently? I mean if you guys are even discussing a ROmulan Faction, then this kind of thing needs to be cleared up if you are expecting a whole ton more of cloaking ships in the game, IMO.

Side note- is it a bug or a feature that I can't see the interactable nodes in Kerrat when I'm cloaked? I have to drop cloak to see them eve before I can interact with them.