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09-07-2012, 03:02 PM
Based off of OP, I would say this guy was just an idiot. Last night I was on ISE, and we all know, you leave the gens at 10% then kill all of them at the same time then blow the transformer before the nanites can get there right? Well this idiot Klank (no offense to any KDF players out there except this one) in a carrier proceeds to go HERPA DERP I'M HELPING!!! and destroys a generator before we can get set up. We get the sphere spawns and the nanite spawns and almost lose the optional. Thankfully we had 3 trigger happy escorts and a Sci captain that was pro with his gravity wells and TBR and we managed to kill the remaining generators and the transformer without any nanites touching it. Then that @#$%tard does it AGAIN on the other side, after we SPECIFICALLY said, LEAVE THE GENERATORS AT 10%. Idiot never said a word the whole time too. What really really REALLY grinds my gears is then when we pick up the optional that %^&* gets the prototype salvage in the loot. Apparently there is no justice.
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