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09-07-2012, 02:48 PM
Nice to see people throwing in their thoughts and own tactics, this was my desire for this thread.

I've not been able to keep up with it since I posted it and I'm glad to see people posting tips. I do apologise if the guide does sound like "do it my way". I've not had any previous experience writing guides and only wanted to share how I do it, and how I've seen others do it in the groups I get.

Also, this is from a Fed viewpoint, I didn't know about the KDF and the turrets. And they do die relatively fast, 2 shots with a good weapon is usually enough so feel free to blow one up when you run past it. But I'd still recommend that you don't go seeking them on purpose as the main reason you're in there is to get Fleet Marks.

I tried to write the guide to give the basics so thanks to those who've added tips for specific classes. I'm a Tac myself and to be honest I've never used the Operative kit so I think I'll be getting one right now. And the tips for Sci and Eng will come in very handy for my other chars.

On the point of the Flashlight, I've seen mention that it's not effective on lower end cards, I'm running on a Nvidia 560GT with the graphics on max and I've noticed that when I've forgotten to activate my flashlight, I can run straight past a saboteur if they're in an alcove or darkened corner, they blend in well. But then again, that could just be me being blind.

So obviously feel free to take what tips you want and make them work for you and to leave what tips don't. We're not the Borg, we're not all cookie cutter characters, you play you're own way.

Keep up the good work guys, hopefully we'll be able to get everybody up to speed with this mission and be churning out max results every time. After all, we all want shiney starbases.