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09-07-2012, 03:55 PM
We appear to have had forward movement. Dan Stahl said that they are now taking a "If you build it they will come," approach to getting a tutorial and 1-50 leveled play into the KDF in this month's Ask Cryptic.

Originally Posted by AskCryptic
Q: (fedwarrior) For two factions at war, the feds and klinks don?t appear to engage each other much. Is there any plans to improve PVP and make it more a core part of the game?

Dstahl: Even though this question pops up every month, it is important to note that I?m taking the ?build it and they will come? attitude towards the KDF. Despite the fact that a minority of players play KDF, there is still a dream that we can build up the two factions into two healthy adversaries that could warrant the ?war? that is going on. This is why I?ve been actively pursuing all of the resources necessary to tackle the biggest issue first ? which is to allow players to create a KDF faction character as their first character. As it is, you must create a FED, level it to 24, and then you can roll a KDF toon. Problem is, you?re already invested in your FED, so it makes it more challenging for you to want to play KDF. This means building a KDF tutorial and ensuring that you can play KDF from level 1 onward. Once this happens (which I hope it will in the future) it will warrant the type of PvP Battlegrounds that PvP fans (and PWE) are wishing was part of this game.
Read it for your self here...

Then they killed the discussion thread that was started for it.
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