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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I think you're misquoting there.

They've said in the past they don't have any current plans to develop missions for KDF. They have said that they have no intention to play catch-up at the expense of the rest of the game, and I think that's reasonable.

They've never said, to the best of my knowledge, that they will never make new things for KDF. They've said on plenty of occasions that they would like to add new things someday. When did they retract that statement?

Now maybe that lack of commitment will result in nothing at all. Or in inferior improvements compared to what the blueside gets. But I think it's still worth pitching a better KDF experience for as long as the game is still running.

I believe a positive expectation about what the KDF will eventually be will have more influence on the game in the long run. If enough players maintain those expectations, eventually they're bound to run out of reasons to say no. Turning it into a "holy war", though, is the wrong approach.
It's a cop out.....

STO is a business flat out... I'm sure they love the game... but to remain open requires profit

They have repeatedly stated that working on the KDF side isn't cost effective. Majority of players don't want to invest in a half faction that they need to hit level 20 just to play. They won't invest as long as it doesn't seem like it would turn a profit.

Back to the chicken and the egg....

Won't buy eggs because they chickens we have just don't lay enough. It's not cost efficient to invest in new livestock strains.

You're aware of the problem that will come up right?

Eventually you'll have no chickens... and in hindsight the idea of investing in a few extra eggs wasn't such a bad idea....

My intention isn't a "Holy War"

And I personally intend on pushing to get a KDF faction this game can be proud of...

The bottom line issue

The devs won't invest unless they see a gainable profit....

* KDF 1/2 the content compared to Fed
* Requires you to make a level 20 Fed to even roll a KDF toon

The KDF doesn't even a chance to become cost efficient as long as the level restriction is in place.
I'll stop kicking that horse when the bugs fixed. Until then as a paying consumer, I will voice my opinion.