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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
Played this as an Andorian captain. Let's just say, one scene in particular was getting very interesting by that fact.

Had to struggle with a bug, where I could not beam down to the planet. No idea if that was an underlying problem of the game or something Kirkfat can fix.
It worked fine after relogging, though I had to break immersion by getting through the previous maps again which broke the illusion on the holodeck map.

If I have to find one fault, is that the mission at times turned into a very expositiony novel because of the game's limitations.

I think other missions were better balanced by Kirkfat and maybe he got a little to ambitious with this one, but still the best one can expect with the tools available and more, well done.
Thank you. The only thing that must have happened is either a. You got too close to the planet during combat, thus triggering the reach marker before it was the objective, or your elevation had changed so much that you couldn't find the reach marker. I'll try to decrease it's radius. Sorry about that.