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09-07-2012, 09:12 PM
Yes, I'm a tac- I wouldn't be asking otherwise. I'm going to pick up the B'rel tonight and do my respec shortly. I've got the breen cluster, a Peng, a XII borg quantum (I'll get a better one later), and a bio-neural, so I'm all set for my forward arc. Going to look at timings, and see if I can't keybind my buffs so they activate in order- if anyone has any suggestions on that front, it'd be appreciated.

EDIT: I know the B'rel doesn't have any spare console room, but I'm considering trying my photonic displacement console I picked up for when I run my mirror Vor'cha. Given that it can be activated while cloaked with a normal cloak, it should work for an extra stealth boost when you're peeling off at the end of your attack run. Sure, your enemies will know who hit them, but I think that's worth the price of a little added job security.

EDIT2: My captain is an alien with Accurate, Elusive, Efficient Captain, and Warp Theorist. Giant tree man who looks pretty badass IMO.

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