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09-07-2012, 09:25 PM

does anyone know if customer support has a phone number

I found old emails that tell i bought atari tokens to buy from startrek online
That was before perfect world took over

this is the reply i got from customer support:

Hello ,

We have reviewed the account and our investigation shows that the ships you have listed have not yet been purchased via the C-Store on this account.

It is possible that these ships were obtained using an alternate currency, such as free ship tokens.
Please note that these purchases are one time character specific purchases and the ships will not be available account wide.

If you would like the ships to be available account wide, please purchase them from the C-Store

My total purchase history is empty ,wich makes sense if i bought all that through atari tokens , not zen

So i'm looking for a phone number of customer support ,so i can explain the issue in person

Can anyone help me ?

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