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# 1 New Duty Officer Signature
09-07-2012, 09:49 PM
You guys may remember this topic:

Download Duty Officer Signature by anazonda, where he and I worked on creating the duty officer signature that seem very prevalent around the forums now. Ive seen many different versions, and I love them all.

But ever since Season 6, I had been wanting to update it to bring it in line with the newer Duty Officer UI. Ive finally finished that now.

The template contains:

- Every rank from on the Federation side from Ensign to Fleet Admiral, including two special ranks: Deputy Director & Fleet Captain
- Every rank on the Klingon Side from Bekk to Dahar Master.
- All 24 Duty Officer Trait Icons
- Every Veteran Accolade icon up to 1000 days.
- Miscellaneous currency icons (Refined Dilithium, Dilithium Ore, EDCs, EC, Expertise, etc.)
- Some random medal icons
- Every Doff rarity overlay from Season 5 (Common Fed and Klink, Uncommon to Very Rare, and a Unique Gold overlay done in the Season 5 style)
- Every Doff rarity overlay from Season 6 (Common Fed and Klink, Uncommon to Very rare, incl. Unique and Ultra Violet)
- Federation Civilian, Tactical, Engineering, and Science backgrounds
- Klingon Civilian, Tactical, Engineering, and Science backgrounds
- Colour matched (to rarity border) name fields (incl. a proper gradient for the Fleet rarity, thanks to brackyews)
- All 12 commendation catagories (Including Marauding for the Klingons and Diplomacy for the Feds)
- Federation and Klingon Faction icons
- Federation and Klingon Profession icons
- 3 Special fields, where you can find the above mentioned veteran, medal or currency icons (or you can add you own if you like)
- a quote field

You can download it here: Download

Max size (500x 150): In progress, will update when finished.

Font used in text layers is Century Gothic. Special text field 1, 2, 3 and the quote field have a colour overlay effect that, when enabled will change the font colour to the proper colour for a Klingon DOff.

This was done in Photoshop CS5 I can not guarentee that it will work in Elements or earlier versions. I do not know if it is compatible with GIMP or other similar programs.

As well here is anazonda's tutorial from the original topic on how to cut your character out:

How to make a proper character avatar:

-Set your display settings to as high as possible.
-Take your character to ESD. (under the Bar on Qo'nos works for KDF)
-The big "white wall" outside Admiral quinns office. Move your back to it, and zoom in -relatively close (so you have a frame sufficiently above your characters chest).
-Press Prt Scr on your keyboard. The screenshot will now be saved in the Screenshots folder in the STO game folder. (Live).
-Open Photohsop, and then the picture.
-Doubble-click the layer in the layer box, and just press enter in the dialouge that appears. (To allow for transparency).
-Find the Channels-tab. It's usually in the same box as "Layers"
-Find the channel that has the highest contrast between light and dark colors, by clicking through the red, green and Blue channels. Usually it's the blue or green.
-Duplicate that channel, and click it, so it is selected.
-On your keyboard, hold Ctrl, and L. A box will now appear.
-There are 3 "indicators" and a level curve. Move the most left, and right closer together untill theres a really hard contrast between light and dark colors. It's gonna look odd... Ignore that.
-Once you feel you have the proper contrast (you may have to play around a little), press "OK".
-Select the magic wand tool (W). Set Tolerance 5 (depending on the contrast). Click on the area closest to your char that is white/bright. This should select a very large area.
-Now with the angular Marquee tool (M) set to "Add to Selection" (located as 4 icons just below the "Edit" menu option. Hoover your mouse over the 2'nd icon...) select all remaining areas that havn't been selected, and pretty much everything below the shoulders of your char.
-Select the Lasso Tool (L), and set it to "Substract from selection" (Located to the right of the "Add to selection").
-Zoom in close on the hair and carefully remove any selection inside the hair. (this takes time, patience and lots of Ctrl+Z).
-In the channels overview, re-select RGB, and click back to the normal layer overview.
-Once again zoom on on your char and move around the contours to see if you've missed any holes. If you find any, remove them.
-On your keyboard, Click DEL.
-You should now have a nicely cut out of your char, ready to use in my template.
If you want to see what it can look like, see my sig.

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