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Originally Posted by mattimeo97 View Post
I love my Nebula exactly the way it is, personally. It's a little tankier than other sci-ships, and that Lt Commander Engi lets me keep EPtS rolling, while giving me access to EWP to complement GW3. Pop both along with a Deuterium Surplus, and you can wrangle up a whole lot of crowd control.

The two uni slots lets me put in two Tac Lt's, which allows me to spam BFAW coupled with APB, putting an extra debuff on all the garbage that I've netted.

I have yet to goof off with it in STFs, since that's mainly the domain of my escort or RSV, but it's been a lot of fun in other PvE scenarios.
Until you run it in STF's or PVP you do not use it in end game content which, as a tier 5 and costing 2000 zen, it should perform in.

It doesn't perform. Yes, its a cruiser/sci sort of hybrid but it is mediocre in both. Its an advanced research science vessel not a 'sciency light cruiser'.

The fleet version of the nebula tier 5 will give you enhanced boff stations, better shields and the 3/3/3 balanced console setup that, with the lt cmdr universal station, lets you kit the ship to any role needed.

It will be able to shield tank due to 20% shield bonus
It will be able to assist in damage due to the 3rd tac console.
It will be able to be a full fledged science ship or switch to a cruiser/science hybrid or a science/tactical hybrid just by changing the lt cmdr universal station boff.

It would be worthy of being a FLEET ship. Nothing is being changed to the current tier 5 nebula you already own..this will be the fleet version of it.