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Too bad that Mr. Smedley could not have assumed such a passionate position in time to see to it that SWG could have been spared its fate. They would not take SWG free to play, but EA can take TOR Free to play not even a full year out of the gate?

Of course, I think that was more Lucas Arts' call than SOE's. Just like the NGE was Lucas Arts' call though it was developed by SOE.
It did not matter, it was LA's call to not renew SOE's contract for SWG. That, and LA/EA wanted all their focus on SWTOR. At the time of the closure there was nothing SOE could have done. That is the perils of not owning the IP, contracts can go unrenewed. I know for a fact and personally the people at SOE affiliated with SWG were devastated at the news. But they pushed on and kept developing until the end. They finally cracked atmospheric flight and combat and gave the game one heck of a send off.

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