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09-08-2012, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by fanboy3k View Post
I've never had connection or lag issues. Sure, the occasional lag spike that might make me rubber band on ESD every blue moon but other then that, great. Until the last patch. Now I'm laggy as hell, getting randomly Dc'd (assuming I make it past the log in screen) and getting these red, server disconnected messages at the top of the screen constantly which interrupt play.

I did a force verify on my files, ensured I had on demand patching disabled, verified that the launcher and client were exceptions in the firewall, tried connecting via proxy, reboot my pc, performed a hard reset on my RG, still the same issue. I don't know what "upgrades" you put in, but if you could un-upgrade it or put in a fix I would appreciate it. It seems I'm going to be unable to play until you do.

FYI: Every other online game I play still runs great. The issue is with STO and "only" STO.
This is exactly my situation. I've never had a problem until this last patch. The rest of my internet is running smoothly, but STO is unplayable. Literally, there is so much lag that ships just sit there frozen on screen, then all the lag catches up in a split second and I'm dead.