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OK - I have 4 device slots (wish I had more). I seem to do best with a hypo and shield charge, and ya gotta have a tribble (don't you?). So that only leaves 1 slot. If you are fighting Borg, that is taken by a remodulator. Do people use the power cells? I don't notice "weapons malfunction" much (PVP only?). I like to use my final spot for Ophidian Cane or Shard of Possibilities. Is there some better configuration? You don't get to swap them around much when you are being hounded by baddies, so I need a good set-up I can just leave there.
Large Hypo or Cordrazine | Large Shield | Immunos | (optional)

(optional) can be anything... since you CAN swap them around in combat. One choice the others did not mention was the Borg Static Grenades. More useful for Scis/Engrs than for Tacts who might prefer a Large Power cell instead.

You can skip the Immunos if your DPS is so low that you don't end up tanking. 'circle strafing' doesn't work on NPCs so sitting still might help your team mates score more critical hits. Just try to remember what standing/crouching does for your range dodge% versus melee dodge %.

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Which ever one makes 2 more of you is great. the remod is not needed if you have a 2 piece of M.A.C.O. ground.

You need the complete, 3-piece set for Integral Remodulation