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09-08-2012, 09:30 AM
I understand the whole level lock thing but right now its not working towards the player at all. for anyone who has qued for pvp the way the system is now you either spend around 3 hours trying to get into a fight or when you do get into a fight its you vs 4 other people because the other people in your team got dropped and then can't come back. now with Kerat its more of a fun pvp setup. yea you get killed a lot and have the chance of getting some low level players in it but it is "Fun" i can tell you personaly id rather do Kerat than wait in a pvp que for hours.

as for the lowbies getting killed each and every one of them go into Kerat knowing what could happen an i love the idea of adding in a warning system

this could also work for ground pvp knowing that there is a strong group of people that would love to see ground pvp become more popular though that is all dependent on our PW over lords