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09-08-2012, 12:30 PM
Today's TFBB consisted of 2 space PvP matches. The first of the two was a little one-sided but the second round was very close at first. Both teams did very well in both matches.

Solar Wind
Cracked Planetoid

Tomorrow we will be running a T1 event. We have specific rules and restrictions for this so try to prepare proir to the event time.

Originally Posted by Captain_Zero
Tiered Ship/Rank Rules

Weapons must conform to or lower than the rank of the ship tier, unless we're running at level cap.
Lieutenant: Tier One (Standard Issue, Mk I, Mk II)
Lieutenant Commander: Tier Two (Mk III, Mk IV)
Commander: Tier Three (Mk V, Mk VI)
Captain: Tier Four (Mk VII, Mk VIII)
Rear Admiral Lower/Brigadier General: Tier Five-- excluding VA/LG Ships Galaxy-R, Defiant-R, Intrepid-R, Kar'fi Carrier, B'rel-R, Varanus, Maruder (Mk IX, Mk X)

No Scaling weapons and consoles are permitted if we are running a tiered event. Scalling weapons and consoles are only perminted at max level (VA/LG) PvP.

Tier One Gear:
Crafted or Bought as long as its Mk I or Mk II.
No C-Store TOS Phasers, Breen Cluster Torpedo, etc. since they scale.

*Miranda, Oberth, NX, Constitution, and Bird of Prey (Pre-Level 21 starter KDF ship. Also know as the T1 B'rel) are all permitted.

Due to changes in the skill tree, all tiered space combat events will not use captain skills. Only Bridge Officer Skills are permitted here. Devices are permitted if they are obtainable at said Tiered rank (This mainly concernes the Scorpion fighters obtainable in the Reman FE arc.). Turrets, however, are prohibited in a Tiered Combat match since these scale to player level.
Thank you to everyone who came out for today's event! I hope to see you all again tomorrow or sometime soon!

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