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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
This is another one of those cases where the initial comments about it being a bug were something I said players weren't reading closely enough.

The bug was specific cases where it happened.

Claok is not intended to allow people to get the jump on or avoid storyline content. That's what Cryptic said two years ago. Everytime I cited that, people said I was crazy and that that was a bad design.

But this is really the first time Cryptic commented on the overall design in two years.

Prior to this, every comment was about specific cases where it happened... and now we just have Dan explaining WHY the focus was on specific cases.
If this is the case, make mission specific content for cloaked ships. There are many Romulan and Klingon storyline missions where cloaking should be used but isn't and vice versa. Oh, but fortuitiuosly we have that nearby micro-nebula (huh?) that we can hide in while we observe the Romulan ship (through a dust cloud that blocks sensors).

Don't break cloaking, make it work with the game in a reasonable and logical manner that supports the game. These changes are both lazy and poorly thought out. Donatra in STF, for example, is just annoying. If she starts the end portion of the mission and alphas the team into oblivion, man, that's what cloak IS FOR! But repeatedly having her cloak for long minutes in the middle of the battle just just because someone got too close disrupts the battle, is an annoying waste of time, and is illogical if she has the upper hand. Now, if someone is actually prepared and has some method available to detect cloak, then make her unable to cloak once detected. That is logical.
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