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Originally Posted by claransa View Post
The problem with Cryptic's stance on cloaking is that it is sometimes a problem even in PVE, one example off the top of my head is "blood of the empire" just as you get within weapons range of the first Fek'ihri ships, an interaction box pops up that you have to use to make the enemy ships targetable. This breaks the cloak you were about to make use of. You won't have time to recloak, and if you wait for the box to show up you won't be able to cloak.

We have to report every occurance of something like this happening?

That does indeed sound like a cop out, and are we to expect this will be taken care of right away? That doesn't quite fit Cryptic's past performance when dealing with bugs on the Klingon faction. In this same misison "blood of the empire" there is a ground portion where you resolved the mission in the interior of a building. The central chamber of this building actually has stick figure place markers for where graphics are suppose to be, but aren't. The central chamber has no walls or floor and has been that way for as long as I've played the game. I know i've bug reported it and i'm sure other's have as well but where's the fix?

If we are to except that the cloak bug is now suddenly working as intended then we need assurance that bug reports on the KDF side are going to be acknowledged and dealt with in a timely fashion.

btw: would also like to know why "a light in the dark" last of the Undine front gives Mk XI rewards on the Fed side but only Mk X rewards on the KDF side.
I think the thing is, PvE is NOT designed around the idea of cloak providing an alpha strike. It would potentially break "Blood of The Empire" if you got one.

Alpha strike via cloak can cause missions to be incompletable.