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09-08-2012, 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by rcpls View Post

someone just taught me how to call for emotes with "/em".

This shortcut is usefull to avoid using mouse.

The problem is :

If I want to play Emote "Salute", I'll type "/em sal", and "Salute" choice appears.

Then i can push KEYDOWN to highlight "Salute".

But if I push "Enter", it sends "/em sal".

What is the keybind (on keyboard) to validate auto-completion ?

Take your hand off the keyboard, catch the mouse, aim for you choice and click is far too long compared to simply push "enter".

I just cant believe autocompletion was implemented but no key let you validate.

Please help me.

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It actually should allow you to autocomplete using the arrow keys and pressing enter on the selection you would like, so it appears that there is a bug with this at the moment. I'm moving this to the gameplay bugs section so QA can take a look.


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