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09-08-2012, 05:44 PM
1) I thought the drop off began at 5km, but I'm actually not sure now that I think of it. Dual/Dual Heavy Cannons do take the biggest hit. The guy in the Defiant could have a crap build and did no damage because of that, but being 9km away wouldn't have helped him.

2) Spidermitch did charts up until a couple of months ago. They're in a pinned thread in the Federation Fleet Yards. But because he had to stop, the Regent, Tholian ships and Fleet Starbase ships are all missing. And I don't think anyone's attempted them since. If you want to look at those, you'll have to look at them individually in STOWiki.

Most Fleet ships require 4 Fleet Ship Modules (tradeable CStore item) and 20k Fleet Credits anyway.

3) AFAIK, they still intend to, but haven't given us an ETA.

EDIT) Depends on what they were flying. Sci Captains have Subnucleonic Beam, which is a handy power, but their ship would have a bigger bearing on their effectiveness.