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I just had to uninstall and reinstall STO because of another crash I had when adding a console to a foundry map. The console itself was the one (Federation) curved, semi-circle console. I went to add it, when the game crashed to desktop. After relaunching, the game crashed on load screen and continued to do so, even after a file check.

As a result, not only have I lost the time and effort spent editing the map since my last save, but I've also spent over an hour and a half reinstalling the game, and I still have an hour to go until reinstall.

This is frustrating. Some fix, PW gave us. I would've rather had a pre-season 6 foundry toolset that was at least stable. Now, I have to worry about every object, dialogue prompt, or map that I add or edit? Come on, are you guys deliberately trying to eliminate the consumer base? Foolish...