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There's actually a 10 part doff chain (that is one of the better in-game sources for flight deck officers, Fed side) that explains the relationship and differences, the biggest reveal is in step 8 ("Access Classified Ferasan Database"). Ferasans are the product of a eugenics program. At least some of them have telepathic abilities in addition to the usual augment things, nepata leaves are somehow involved in triggering those powers.

There's no Ferasan ships in the game, but it's worth noting they control the homeworld and the Caitians are the refugee race. It's not clear how closely allied they are with the Klingon Empire. Right now their alliance seems fairly loose, like the Letheans. They're around, but their ships haven't been incorporated into the KDF and they're not fully represented in the recruitment pools.
I suggest you read through the outcome text on the chain. Right now, that's pretty much all the Ferasan/Caitian backstory we have. It's not much, but honestly, it's not much less than we have the the Vulcan/Romulan split after all these years.

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