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09-08-2012, 09:06 PM
Nobody said burns their eyes and it has zip to do with retinal damage, red trucks and mailboxes don't glow with the intense contrast in illumination being talked about here, so that analogy is way off. The red in the UI is difficult to focus on, the tiny muscles focusing the lens in the eyes get overworked and tired, hence eyestrain, the eyestrain leads to a headache, often painful. If you don't suffer from that, good for you, but don't diss people who aren't as lucky as you. I'm not a kid anymore, my eyes don't focus as well for me now in my 50s than they did when I was a teenager, any enjoyment I get from playing Klingon is immediately dispelled by the migraines I get after playing one for any length of time.
There have been innumerable posts in these forums by people who can't stand the Klingon red, insulting these people and discouraging them from creating Klingon toons does nothing to help the cause of those players who so fervently insist that the KDF be given more attention by developers.
Something needs to be done regarding the UI's failings that will satisfy both factions, and something certainly needs to be done to make the KDF more attractive to players if existing Klingon players ever hope to get more attention paid to the faction in game that they hold so dear.