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hey guys i got star trek download but when i try to play it says it gets like um some kind of note while its not responding or loading what should i do?
After you have completed the installation. You start the game launcher, you will need to login in using PWE account your've created. Then the launcher will check the installed game version and will patch it if it's not current. When you are patched up, the launcher button will change to play.

Clicking Play will close out the launcher, and begin loading the game client. The game client will load and when you think it's finished, there will be a delay with a blank window. This is normal, after the game client has made a connection to the account server, you should be greeted with the character selection screen. And then you will be able to create your character.

If you are having issues with the game client not connection. Check to be sure to check the security and firewall settings on your PC (and router) to allow teh Star Trek client to communicate on the network/Internet. IF the game client can't connect to the account server, it will through you back to a login screen with an error saying it can't connect.