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09-09-2012, 12:12 AM
I have a few more features I think it would be nice to see, in no particular order:

1} Customizable floor-plans for ships and fleet StarBases, and other player structures. When choosing the interior of your starship, for example, having two or three variant layout 'skeletons' to choose from, and allow players to place the various elements (captains quarters, lounge, shuttle-bay, transporter room, etc) into this skeleton to determine the actual layout of their ship. This would be greatly enhanced by allowing each of the elements to have a variety of shapes and floor-plans; although the ideal would be to allow the use of a subset of a complete & generalized interior editor built for the foundry authors.

2} More flexible hangar-bays for carriers. As an alternative to just giving carriers more bays, allow each bay to hold two or three different types of switchable craft -- similar to the main characters ground-weapons slots. Only one of the choices could be active at a time per hangar, possibly with a cool-down timer for switching between types. More capable carriers would not necessarily have more bays, but could have more flexible bays. Perhaps equipping two or three specific small-craft choices to a particular hangar could grant some sort of synergy or set bonus.

3} Allow players some flexibility in fitting-out hanger-bay launched craft; for example equipping a single shuttle and all launched shuttles using that as a template. Perhaps some restrictions would be in order -- like some craft may only take disruptor type weapons, or only phaser cannons, etc; or all small craft in a squadron have their own equipment load-outs, and each must be filled with identical items; or any items equipped in this manner are destroyed upon removal; or not all the usual slots are changeable.

4} Away missions with your DOffs! Have a team or two of AI-controlled redshirts from your Duty Officer roster (maybe random, maybe selectable at mission start, or maybe assigned to various pre-defined duty teams) to hold various objectives, or to be random cannon-fodder, or just to use as an excuse for the progress bar filling slowly. As always, anybody hurt on the ground will have to spend a certain amount of time recovering in the sick-bay; and their equipment represents a potential resource sink. DOffs which beam in for any reason should, of course, be wearing matching (customizable by the player) uniforms.

5} Relate number and types of DOffs usable (and maybe type & complexity of consoles on the bridge of the players ship) to the type of ship being flown.

6} Crafting system revamp. Each craft-able item has both a 'rarity' slot and one or more 'bonus slots' in its recipe.

'uncommon rarity', 'rare rarity', 'very rare rarity', 'ultra rare rarity', and (maybe) 'legendary rarity' materials are new, craft-able, & stack-able items -- treated much like data samples. They allow insertion of one or more 'bonus slot' materials.

'Bonus slot' materials -- also craft-able & stack-able materials -- allow increases to accuracy, or damage, or other widely used modifiers.

7} Racial / faction doctrines for crafting -- Feds make Phasers, Klingons make Disruptors; but maybe we can get fancier than that. Maybe Klinks have a cheaper recipe for +Damage 'bonus slot' materials, or Romulans get access to a 'reload torpedo faster' bonus material not craft-able by other factions. Such materials could still be traded on the exchange.

8} Allow the buying and selling of both Dilithium Ore and Refined Dilithium for energy credits (and each other) in exactly the same way that the current dilithium / Zen exchange works.

More later, probably.