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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
If you consider playing working, then yes. But playing is just playing. Of course I remember playing this game for nearly 2 years and they never gave me a red cent to buy anything I wanted from the C-Store.

See, the thing about the FTP model is that it's difficult to do anything at end-game that doesn't earn you Zen. STFs = Zen. Dailies = Zen. PvP = Zen, etc.

You're making money just by playing. What you choose to do with that money is your own business. Maybe you'll save it for a new ship, maybe you'll buy Respecs, maybe you'll buy a new Uniform. Whatever you do with it, it's still free money - something we didn't get for just playing prior to Jan 17th.
well you let it sound like it was work (about your 4 VA's that you only play for 2 hours each in order to gain Zen) and even then i would remind you (as a fellow student of the economics, at least part) on costs of opportunity, if you put such a price on something like a respec then other alternatives will still look more attractive to the player (sure do for me)

and also my point from my former post, that because of my above mentioned point there is not much incentive for 1-character players (like me) to buy tactical ships or carriers if that'd mean haveing to buy respec tokens all the time. and this is where cryptic could earn real money from players actually buying Zen instead of just realocating their dilithium into Zen points for minor purchases.

in my eyes no matter how you view it, respec tokens do not earn them the money they could do.