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09-09-2012, 06:31 AM
* On my Tac, for RP and combat purposes, a Horta is a must no matter what (he actually literally can't get rid of it - long story there, a Crystal Horta to be specific).
* Large Hypos for any character.
* Large Shield Charge for my Tac. Eng doesn't need it - between his captain repair ability and the MACO repair system.
* The spare device slot is for various things - the Tac will probably get a second Horta in there sometimes (actually the same in-character Horta as the first, even though it'll probably be the Acid Horta or Standard Horta - like I said, a long story!), or a Tribble or another special device. Nanoprobe cure hypos are a must in any Borg fight. Remodulator is generally unneeded as both use the MACO set remodulator. My engineer has more room and two slots, one usually a Horta and another a Tribble, or I just use leave the nanoprobe cure in there.

No remodulator, as I use the built-in one for the MACO set for both my tac and engineer.

I REALLY wish I had a fifth slot, because I'd love to carry the Shard or a Tribble regularly on my Tac.

One thing I never do use, however, are the power cells - I sometimes give them to my tactical BOffs, but I've never found a reason to use them myself - or had room that didn't have better things I could stick in it.