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... the thing that puts a ring around you and turns you ghostly blue (I forget it's name, the posts look like transport enhancers) and a health tribble. Though when fighting the Borg missions, I gave the ring enhancer thingy to my second officer and put a remodulator in.

Being an Engineer, I'm also well equipped with seeker and service drones, turrets and mortars. With doffs to get extra ones of each of them in. While everyone is busy shooting at all this random crap I've spawned, my boffs go in and shoot them to pieces.
Triolic Pattern Enhancer. Before everyone rushes out and uses this in STFs, DO know all there is to know about it. In particular the small chance that its activation will summon a 'creature'. Just when you thought you had one boss to fight... now there's two. In IGE for example, a good place to activate this is on a pipe. So if an 'umbral' appears... it will usually fall into the plasma. Aside from this, the posts seem to generate a lot of aggro from the boss borgs and can be used to draw ol Becky within shotgun range.

PS It only costs 60 EDCs to get a Mk X 'STF' set for the instant remodulation feature.

PSS You CAN equip BOffs with the STF sets so they get the instant remodulation feature... and the set team bonus effects as well.