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Originally Posted by asphe View Post
Large Hypo or Cordrazine | Large Shield | Immunos | (optional)

(optional) can be anything... since you CAN swap them around in combat. One choice the others did not mention was the Borg Static Grenades. More useful for Scis/Engrs than for Tacts who might prefer a Large Power cell instead.

You can skip the Immunos if your DPS is so low that you don't end up tanking. 'circle strafing' doesn't work on NPCs so sitting still might help your team mates score more critical hits. Just try to remember what standing/crouching does for your range dodge% versus melee dodge %.
I wouldn't skip on the nanoprobes no matter what, really. The Borg assimilation attack has a really long range (it's more like a hose than a set of needles as in First Contact), I've had them try to get me from at least 5 meters away. I've seen tons of people who like to live dangerously in Defera glowing utterly green from the nanoprobes though - wonder how they avoid being assimilated. I hardly ever see it actually happen, though if I don't have the anti-nanos it almost always happens to me.

However, that's news to me about the devices. You can swap around device slot contents even when you're in Red Alert mode?

Can you keybind this?