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09-09-2012, 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Of course they knew it! That's why the raised the prices.

But they're not going to have two C-Stores: one for the people who earn Dilithium and one for the people who just want immediate gratification without any play-effort.

STO has one of the easiest play-to-dollars systems I've ever played in any FTP MMO. In August, alone, I made 4,900 Zen by playing. I haven't purchased any CP/Zen from Cryptic in nearly 8 months and I buy whatever I want from the C-Store just from doing Dailies, STFS, etc: the same things I was doing before FTP. I mean heck, you can do Elite STFs for Dilithium and then even trade the STF credits for additional Dlithium. Cryptic's practically throwing it at people who play.
Ok you know what i mean, I know what you mean, but i think I just need to clarify my position a little:

The people who don't like to grind DIL (count me in here) would have to do exactly that to get the store items (like the tokens) OR would have to buy them overpriced, because there are people who do the grinding. And that is not a good nor fair implementation. That's all I'm saying, ok maybe adjusting the prices is not the best solution to this problem, but that is the solution I'm seeing right now (at least it would be a solution for the people who would like to pay real money).