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Hey there.

I'm a level 47 with Gravity Well III, Graviton Generators 9, one blue MK XII Graviton Generator console. I'm finding that when I use Gravity Well on Cure Space it holds one Borg BOP but only marginally slows the other down, despite me Aux score being 122 when I fire it.

Is the norm for Gravity Well III? Would another console help it or should I look to other sci abilities? Would Photonic Shockwave help push the one that escapes in to the well?

O HAI! Welcome to one year of sci skill nerfs.

Take a seat. Our emotional trauma specialists will be with you shortly. They have plenty of experience with this kind of case and will take good care of you.

In the meantime, may we suggest a change of careers or ship? There is a used starship dealer down the hall that gives good discounts on escort ships.

Why yes, it IS right next door to our trauma specialists offices. How did you know?