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09-09-2012, 11:42 AM
Nebula edge: good point. I've pondered that myself. Maybe move to the points to verify the course heading that takes you to the ship?

The idea I was trying to go for in Dark Planet is that you're looking for the Generator object that you find inside the Black Cave. However you don't know where it is well enough to know that it's below ground. You go around scanning the peices of debris you find on the surface in an effort to locate it. your crew is planning to retrieve the debris, but it's relatively unimportant. Then when you figure out where it is you enter the cave to retreive it. Maybe I didn't communicate that well enough.

One change I've considered is having the various bits of Debris get beamed out or something(tractor beam?) when you interact with them.

Yeah I kinda screwed up the ending. I needed to do a better wrap up.

Case correction: hunh... forgot about that. oops.

I suppose I could get rid of the Ok buttons too. I actually made a single long dialogue string for most of the looped dialogs, then reworked them to loop. I guess they need reworked more.

Thanks for the review!

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